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Introducing Elissos

Elissos Travelling Philosophy offers Cultural, Artistic, Spiritual and Mythology based Private Tours in Crete. Our Company introduces to you new touring ideas for an Alternative, Experiential and Customized Way of visiting Crete. An Alternative Philosophy on Travelling in general which focuses on the combination of History, Archaeology, Mythology and ancient Greek Arts functioning as an indivisible Unity.

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Elissos Travelling Philosophy

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Mind Field

Concentrating more on the Mind area, we suggest the visit and exploration of several unique archaeological sites and areas of a historic and prehistoric value.

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Body Field

Concentrating more on the opening up of the body and on the awaking of our senses connecting us with Crete and its history. Engaged with the land and the energy of the land through Movement Practices, Dance and Music.

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Spirit Field

Concentrating more on the Spirit area, we suggest the exploration of several ritual sites and attempt an approach on the ancient ritual practices, exploring the myths and the Arts always connected with them.

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Featured Tours

cultural and historic private tours- crete- elissos

Knossos Palace And Museum Interactive

  • Full Day
  • Crete
  • Cultural and Historic
  • Knossos Palace
  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
  • Heraklion City tour and Open-air Market
  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant inside the Market Street
  • Afternoon Interactive Art Session: The ancient Greek Music in theory and practice
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traditional crete private tour

Artistic And Spiritual Crete

  • Full Day
  • Crete
  • Cultural and Historic, Artistic and Spiritual
  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion Art tour
  • Phourni Minoan Cemetery
  • Interactive Art session: The ancient Greek Theater in theory and practice
  • Lunch in the Neoclassical Town of Archanes
  • Vathipetro the oldest European Winery
  • Afternoon Experiential: Wine and Raki tasting- Bottling and Sealing Wine
  • Grape Stomping by foot- Wine making
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Knossos Palace Interactive Tour!

The Thread of Ariadne…

Particularly designed for youth and family, this experiential tour in Knossos Palace aims to offer you and your children a real travel in Minoan times, not just a tour, visiting the biggest archaeological site of Crete.

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