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Introducing Elissos

Elissos Travelling Philosophy is a Destination Management Company based in Crete Greece, specializing in Cultural Tailor Made Private Tours. Historic, Traditional, Artistic, Spiritual and Mythological Private Journeys, introduce to you an Alternative, Experiential and Customized way of visiting Crete. Create your own Mind, Body and Spirit Crete Travel Experience!

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Elissos Travelling Philosophy

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Mind Field

Explore unique Archaeological Sites, renowned Historic Monuments and Sites of Special Interest. Visit beautiful Traditional Areas off the beaten track and participate in Agricultural Events. Think deeply!

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Body Field

Experience Crete through its ancient Arts. Interactive labs introduce you the ancient Greek and Cretan Arts such as Music, Dance and Theater. Folk Arts transmit you the Cretan traditions. Interact playfully!

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Spirit Field

Visit unique Sacred Sites, such as Prehistoric Sanctuaries, Cave-Temples, Greco-Roman Shrines and Byzantine Churches. Find out all about the ancient and modern spiritual beliefs and practices on Crete. Feel sincerely!

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