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We invite you to visit and explore several unique Archaeological Sites, renowned Historic Monuments, Sites of Special Interest and Traditional Routes off the beaten track. During your tours, you will deepen into the history, the myths, the ancient traditions and the arts connected with each site, as indivisible parts of the Cretan culture.

Major Archaeological Sites and Museums

We offer private tours in the major archaeological sites and museums of Crete, which you should not miss especially if your are visiting Crete for the first time. The island has a huge history of more than 8,000 years of age and a plethora of sites to visit. We can help you with planning your holiday schedule and pick some of the areas that you should not miss, from the island’s many different time periods- Prehistoric (3000-1100bc), Historic (Early Greek, Classical Greek, Roman, Hellenistic), Venetian, Automan, Modern.

Our recommended tours include the prehistoric palace of Knossos -the mythical Labyrinth of Homer-, Heraklion Archaeological museums, the unique palace of Phaistos, the very interesting and full of important finds palace of Malia, the mystical palace of Zakros, the Roman town of Gortys -ex Roman capital of Crete, the Venetian island of Spinalonga and the breathtaking Temple- Cave of Zeus.

Archaeological Sites of Special Interest

We organize private tours on special interest sites and areas with an exclusive prehistoric or historic value. The island offers a big number of archaeological sites not known to the masses of tourists visiting Crete. These areas are not always easily accessible and some times require long walks, but the importance of them, the feeling and the atmosphere when you get there really reward your effort.

Our recommended tours include the mountain of Juktas with its unique prehistoric sites (the peak sanctuary of Anemospilia, the Minoan and Mycenean cemetery of Fourni, the industrial area of Vathipetro, the Little Palace of Archanes), The Royal Tomb of Minos in Knossos, Agia Triada Minoan Royal villa near Phaistos, the Minoan villas of Tylissos, Gournia late Minoan rural settlement, Kommos archaeological site, the tholos Tombs of Kamilari and a plethora of other unique sites.

Traditional Crete

The traditional mountainous and plane Crete with its unique little villages, folk arts, music and dances and its unique cuisine, offers also a lot for a great deal of tours.

Visiting the traditional Crete is always interesting, fun and relaxing and can be also combined with visiting archaeological sites, churches, monasteries and local museums. This is a great opportunity to experience tradition, interesting sights, religious areas and beautiful nature.

Our recommended tours include the Plateau of Lassithi with its numerous villages, Anogia mountainous traditional village, Sfakia area on the west of Crete, Assites traditional village, the village of Sivas in Messara and a big number of other traditional villages and small towns.