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In Brief

Elissos Travelling Philosophy: An Alternative, Experiential and Tailor- made Traveling Experience for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Based on the conviction that our Mind, Body and Spirit function always in an interaction in every experience we may have, Elissos suggest a Complete Travel Experience trough specific Sites, Areas and Features aiming to feed and free the Mind, guide and regenerate the Spirit, liberate and rebalance the Body.

The Cretan and Greek History, Mythology, ancient Arts, Tradition and Spirit are presented in an interactive and experiential way. With pleasure we create and deliver Tailor- made Private Tours in Crete for small groups of people, embodying in our services unique accommodation in the most authentic areas of Crete and high quality transportation services.

In Elissos suggested touring itineraries you can find a combination on unique major and alternative Archaeological Sites, important Historic Monuments, sacred Ritual areas, Experiential Art Sessions focusing on the ancient Greek Arts, Traditional routes combined with interactive Events of Agriculture such as wine making and olive picking and Spiritual research Features based on the ancient Greek Myths.

Customizing your daily or weekly schedule we can pick and combine the elements that interest you more from each field and achieve the best possible combination for your Mind, Body and Spirit travel experience in Crete.